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Homestay Application for Students
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Last (Family) Name:     First (Given) Name:
Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year):     Male   Female
Address:     Telephone:
Country of Residence:     Nationality:
Passport Number:     Native Language:
Bellevue University Student ID Number (if available):
Level of English Language: No English   Beginner   Intermediate   Advanced
Have you ever been to a foreign country? Yes   No
      If yes, where have you traveled and for how long?
Mother's Name:     Age:     Occupation:
Father's Name:     Age:     Occupation:

              Please list names of your brothers and or sisters Age                           Please list names of your brothers and or sisters Age
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Emergency Contact:
Full Name:
Country:     Telephone:
Email:     School Start Date:

Current or Desired Occupation:
Favorite Hobbies and Interests:
Would you prefer small children in your host family (under 6 years old)?   Yes  No  No Preference
Would you prefer older children in your host family (between 6 and 18)?   Yes  No  No Preference
Would you be comfortable with a family that owns a dog?   Yes  No  No Preference
Would you be comfortable with a family that owns a cat?   Yes  No  No Preference
Would you be comfortable with a family that smokes?   Yes  No  No Preference
Do you smoke?   Yes  No
Do you plan to have a car during your homestay?   Yes  No
Do you practice religion?   Yes  No     If "yes", which one?
Please list any health problems, allergies, or dietary restrictions:
Please list any special physical or emotional conditions you have that could affect your homestay placement:
Please list any foods you cannot or do not like to eat:

Your Personality:
Please check all which describe you:
Quiet Tidy Cautious Religious Noisy
Shy Cheerful Messy Open-minded Picky eater
Outgoing Independent Frugal Organized Serious
Private Talkative Athletic Energetic Nervous
Calm Other

Please write a letter to your host family to tell them what you would like them to know about you.
  • What are your hobbies and interests (examples: movies, camping, sports, computers)?
  • Describe your hometown - is it a big city, countryside, how many people live there?
  • Describe your life with your family and friends.
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Describe your personality
  • Why do you want to live with a host family?

    Arrival Date in Omaha:     Airline/Flight Number:
    Arrival Time in Omaha:
    How did you learn about the Homestay program?
    Another host family         Neighbor/friend         Radio         Newspaper ad         Another international student         BU Website
    Other (please specify)

    In my homestay, I agree to:
    • Treat all host family members with respect.
    • Make every effort to adapt to my new home and become part of the family.
    • Follow my host family's household rules.
    • Bring guests into my host family's home only with prior permission.
    • Not drink any alcohol, including beer and wine, if I am under 21 years old. I also understand that the use of any illegal drugs is strictly forbidden, and if I am caught using them I will be asked to leave my homestay immediately.
    • Only make long distance telephone calls at my own expense (possible ways to do this: cell phone, pre-paid telephone card, internet services, such as Skype).
    • Pay for any damages I cause to the host family's home or property.
    • Pay my homestay fees on time, directly to the host family.
    I have read and understood the program agreement. I agree to follow the homestay policies listed on this agreement.